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Louis Armstrong & Friends - What a Wonderful Christmas

Artist: Louis Armstrong & Friends
Title Of Album: What a Wonderful Christmas
Label: Hip-O Rec.
Year Of Release: 1998
Genre: Jazz / Vocal Jazz 
Type: CD
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 224 kbps
Total Time: 40:50 min
Total Size: 60 Mb

01 White Christmas Berlin 2:54 02 'Zat You, Santa Claus? Fox 2:39 
03 Christmas in New Orleans Sherman, VanWinkle 2:22 
04 Christmas Night in Harlem Parish, Scott 3:06 
05 Cool Yule Allen 2:39 
06 Winter Wonderland Bernard, Smith 2:59 
07 It's Christmas Time 2:55 
    Performed by: Peggy Lee 
08 Jingle Bells Pierpont 3:22 
    Performed by: Duke Ellington 
09 Santa Baby Springer, Springer 2:39 
    Performed by: Eartha Kitt 
10 The Christmas Song Torme, Wells 3:26
    Performed by: Mel Torme 
11 Silent Night Gruber, Mohr 2:59
    Performed by: Dinah Washington 
12 Merry Christmas, Baby Baxter, Moore 2:42
    Performed by: Lionel Hampton 
13 May Every Day Be Christmas Jordan 3:10
    Performed by: Louis Jordan 
14 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Coots, Gillespie 2:59
    Performed by: Lena Horne

This is a Christmas set which really stands out from the pack. For one thing the material is great, and on top of that, it has great sound quality...finish it off with some inspired cover art, and it's a can't-miss package. All of the Armstrong tracks are fabulous, and feature a variety of settings, such as Gordon Jenkins' lush snowscapes for White Christmas & Winter Wonderland, and Benny Carter's swinging orchestra on Christmas in New Orleans. 'Zat You, Santa Claus? with The Commanders is a hoot, with a paranoid Louis locked up in his Christmas cabin, wondering what all those funny noises are outside (It's interesting to note that this "'Zat You" doesn't have any whistle or wind overdubs as it does on Laserlight's Christmas Through The Years). Louis also delivers an infectious Christmas Night In Harlem, and by the time he blows some exuberant trumpet on Cool Yule, feelings of holiday joy will have completely overtaken you. Some of these tunes by Louis are actually pretty rare, so it's great to have them here in good sound quality.
Other goodies featured include a bluesy Silent Night by Dinah Washington, a live The Christmas Song by Mel Torme (who co-authored it), and a rare and hypnotic Peggy Lee tune called It's Christmas Time Again. Lionel Hampton brings the good vibes on the blues number Merry Christmas, Baby, Eartha Kitt signs in with her amusing Santa Baby, and Duke Ellington righteously jazzes up Jingle Bells. Lena Horne has it "on good authority" that Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, and Louis Jordan turns in a bluesy and soulful May Everyday Be Christmas.
My review is over now, but before I get into the nog, I'd like to share with you my recipe for the ultimate Louis Armstrong Yuletide disc. Yes, there is no complete Satchmo Christmas set, but if you love Louis like me, you'll want to make one, and here's how; Take the six Satchmo tunes from this disc, and add in Santa Claus Blues, The Night Before Christmas, and the live masterpiece Baby, It's Cold Outside from the Christmas Through The Years disc (Laserlight). Now get your hands on the Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald duet I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. Finally, pick up the remastered version of Louis Armstrong & Friends, which features the bonus track Here Is My Heart For Christmas. Mix these up in a good ol' good way, and be sure, of course, to put The Night Before Christmas at the end. Congratulations, daddy, you are now the proud owner of the ultimate Louis Armstrong Christmas set! If you play this mix only in December like a good little boy or girl, Dipper Claus just might leave a shiny new trumpet in your stocking! Happy holidays, pops.

This review is from: What a Wonderful Christmas (Audio CD) Amazon.com


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Artist: Michael Buble
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Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Worner Bros
Genre: Vocal, Christmas, Easy Listening
Type: CD
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 65
Total Size: 147,9 MB

Track Listing
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